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Trail 1091: AGM

Hares: And How's Her Bush, Herpiclies

Location: Purcellville, VA

Date: October 14, 2023

Out with the old... In with the new!!

Another year for the So Happy It's Tuesday Hash House Harriers has come to a
close (actually... closed and beyond), but... we didn't want to continue
into the new year without celebrating this past season. Most wankers refer
this to an AGM (Annual General Meeting), where all of those who come on a
regular basis and anyone that has blessed us with their presence are
welcome. But there is NO MEETING, so let's just call what it is... an End of
Year Celebration!!

It's a time to say "Thank You" to those that have worked tirelessly to
ensure that the masses have an adventure that they can store for future
memory. It's "Thanks" to Gonna Prolly Spew (GPS) for being the Hash Master
(and now a Grand Master for S.H.*.T.), Fight of the Bumble Tree (Religious
Advisor), Lumberscat (Hare Razer & Media Slut), Polish Face Polish (or is it
"Polish Face Polish", who stepped in to Haberdash).

These are not the only faces that deserve a BIG HUG AND THANK YOU, because
we still need individuals that hare our trails and there are a lot of them
to be thankful for. To mention a few (besides those already mentioned
above): Workin' Pa Nub, Horse Jerker, Sorest Rump, The Udder Ho,
Fingerrrerrrrr, TWOS, Dr. C*ckulus, Herpicles, Parent's Weekend, $10 Oar,
Skinny Dickens, Humpty Bunky and many, many more!!

So come on out... we will have Trail, Good Food, Beer and a little something
for everyone who blesses our End of Year Celebration!!

BRING A CHAIR!! If you think the day will be too much for you... BRING A
TENT!! That's right... if you don't want to drive home, plenty of room to
pitch a tent!! If need be... throw down a sleeping bag inside.

COST: $25.00
START TIME: 2:00pm (hares away at 2:15pm, pack away at 2:30pm)


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October 3, 2023
October 10, 2023
October 17, 2023
October 24, 2023
October 31, 2023


Hare Log

Hasher Count
And How's Her Bush203
The Udder Ho115
Parent's Weekend102
Wookin' Pa Nub62
14 Karat C*ck51
Lube Me Up Scotty43
All The Way In42
Lumber Scat42
Dixie Queen41
Porn To Fail38
Running Bare38
Field of Cream37
Nuclear Jism37
B*tch Where My Money?34
I Cunt Hear U34
$10 OAR33
Holy Fuck26
Lactose Tolerant26
Doctor Cockulus25
Fire in the Cornhole25
Free P*ssy to Good Home25
Vaginger Monologues25
She Fingered Me24
Mini Barbarino23
Gets Off Easy22
Certified Underwater Naval Technician19
Stick It In My Socket19
Cum of a Cum of a Sailor18
Dick Panties18
Skinny Dickens18
So Hot I'll Turn You Gay18
The Walking Head18
Corn on the Cock17
I'd Rather F*ck My Sister17
Patent Pounding17
White Kane17
Fight of the Bumble Tree16
Penis Fly Trap16
Silver Lining16
Taster's Choice16
Tikki Tooki Timbo No See Nimbo Booey-Hooey Bushy-Fooey Pom-Pom Nikki Nomi16
Hood Whorenament15
Fatboy Slim14
Strokin' My Wife Away14
Air Spanker One13
Busted Bush13
Cradle To The Dreidel13
Done in 6 Seconds13
Horse Jerker13
Little Cock That Won't13
Cop S Interruptus12
Davy Crotch Itch12
Dead Hare12
Everyone's On My Ass12
Lush of the Irish12
Mystery Hare!!!12
The Great White Milf12
Ass Ogre11
Sister's On Top11
CockSpur the Friendly Host10
My Little Bologna Pony10
No Name Nyet10
Permanently Screwed10
Red Roof Inn10
The Otter Pink Meat10
Bad Dog9
Blackout Mount9
Dick Trashy9
Dr. Strangelove9
Drillbert Stinker Dick the Cricket Negotiator9
Gonna Prolly Spew9
I'm Falling And I Can't Get It Up9
Metro Ho9
Sorest Rump9
Doggie Madison8
Lick That When You're Done8
Obese Wan Kenobi8
On On Ring Off8
Rash on the Gash8
Split Pussynality8
French Toasted7
Hermaphrodites on Unicycles7
Hooked on Yonics7
Like A Good Neighbor My Cooch Is Bare7
Pene en la Boca7
Polish Face Polish7
Poonskin Cap7
Seed Me After Class7
The Whore of Sarajevo7
Your Honor, I Suck Cock7
Curb Job6
Pee-Wee's Gayhouse6
Pencil Dick6
Pussy Coast Highway6
Summer's Eve6
Typical Woman6
Amber Alert5
Chlorine Kills Everything5
Concealed in my Camel-Toe5
Daddy's Little Girl Swallows5
DIY and Cry5
I Can't Believe It is Not Herpes5
M.T.Me 5
Mark Twaint5
Moroccan Mole5
Mr. Softie5
Passion of a Dumbass5
Penetration Without Authorization5
Puke Me Up Buttercup5
Rodem and Wrectum5
Rodeo Fuck5
Shamrock Your Cock5
Stab My Cock5
Survival Of The Spitist5
Taint My Juicy Pie5
Three Holer5
Uber Spewer5
Up Her Alley5
Whore Revoir5
Beer Bitch4
Boobin Hood4
Bored of Erections4
Buddhi Jump-Her4
Bukake Derby4
Coin Operated4
Cum and Do Skipper4
Dirty Dog4
Everyone Got Some4
Everything But the Kitchen Sink4
Grease Monkey4
How Big Is Your Flower4
Humpty Bunky4
Just Zach4
Mr. GoodWench4
Our Own Vanna4
Penis Pen Pal4
Quack Quack, Bitch4
Quick Closing4
Screws On First4
Sir Shaves A Lot4
Sleeping Boozy4
Soft Serve Custer4
Sweet Baby Jesus4
Wine and Cheese4
You Only Cum Once4
Can't Find Pussy In A Haystack3
Closet Slut3
Cockodile Hunter3
Commando Conundrum3
Cunning Runt3
Daddy's Little Fucktard3
Deep Shit3
Designer Bush3
Dole in the Hole3
Fish N Tits3
Flatulating on Random Bitches3
Foreskin Bloody Foreskin3
Fox Twat3
Friendly Thighs3
Friends Don't Let Friends Fuck Fat Chicks3
Full Metal Balls3
Geezer Pleaser3
General Flo's Chicken3
Ginger Snatch3
Grinding Nemo3
Hand 2 Hand Cumbat3
Have You Seen My Precious?3
I can tuna piana but I can't find your d*ck3
Just Julie3
Just Susan3
La Whore de France3
Missing Link3
Open Whore Policy3
Pay Before you Pump3
Pay Per View3
Pebbles For Pussy3
Please Step Away From The Whores3
Pounds It Hard3
Private Snowball3
Senior Doucheberg3
Shit Tipped Dingaling (STD)3
The Clorox Kid3
Three Holes...No Waiting3
1000 Watt Twat2
Areola Borealis2
Bite Me Elmo2
Boobah the Beef Princess2
Can't Talk with My Mouth Full2
Chasing the Beast2
Circular Breeding2
Dangerously Close2
Double Ohhh Positive2
Drunk and DisWhorederly2
Dwarfus Interuptus2
Dykon My Nikon2
Gay Ship Lollipop2
Gerry A$$ Tricks2
Gonorrhea in 60 Seconds2
Grape Gape2
Happy on his knees2
Heaven's Gape2
I Faked Them All2
I Lost My Keys In A Man Named Frisco2
I R Gay2
I'm Gonna Geek You Sucka2
Jerkin the Gherkin2
Just Beth2
Just Caryn2
Just Maya2
Just Meredith2
Just Stephanie2
Just Steve2
Just Wayne2
Life Styles of The Wine And Anus2
Lips & Assholes2
My Nuts Ride Shotgun2
Nail Me, Don't Jail Me2
Naughty Pine2
Naval Jelly2
Need Hares2
Nippoles Cage2
No Time To Wipe2
Osama Bin Hashing2
Party Pooper2
Possession of Swollen Goods 2
Purple Peter Eater2
Red River Runs Through It2
Runs With Bulls2
Short Cummings2
Slow To Cum2
Suckled To B 2
T.O.M. (All I Want for Christmas is a Tube of Meat)2
Target Practice2
Tooth Fairy2
Tour Duh Whore2
Trickle Treat2
Vagina Minor2
Virgin Avec Mary (VAM)2
Whore Chicken2
Wreath Around2
You Must Be This Tall To Ride2
3 Holer1
A$$hole Cheese Slammer1
Amnesia Down There1
Anal Roseary Beads1
Arrested Development1
Assault My Ass1
Billy Goat Mother F*cker1
Blue Balls Blocker1
Blue Bear1
Bow Chicka Bow Bow1
Broken Dicklish1
Bumper StickHer1
C: <ENTER> ###1
Camo Sutra1
Cheap A$$ Gigilo1
Checkered Fag1
Chock Full of Cock1
Choo Choo in the Poo Poo1
Close Your Eyes & Hope 4 the Breast1
Crash Test Dummy1
Cum Brue Lay1
Cum O Yee Faithful1
Deer Penthouse1
Department of Vegetable Affairs1
Dick In The Eye1
Dildo Shaggins1
Double Stack1
Dual Airbags1
Dude No Insertion1
Dungeons and Dragqueens1
Elaine BenAss1
Elementary My Dear Twatson1
Erectional Officer1
Explodes On Impact1
F By Numbers1
Fakers Dozen1
Flamming Unit Jr1
Flour Puff1
For Sale or Rent1
Foreskin and Seven Men Ago1
Four Floors and Seven Seconds Ago1
FU Long Time1
Fuck Her Punch1
Fud Mucker1
Gavel Gobbler1
Gay Station1
Get Off the Babysitter1
Gimme an Oohhh1
Go F Yourself1
Golden Showers1
Great White Lie1
Guidance Cuntselor1
Hasher Humper1
I Don't Ride Bitch1
I Streak In Syria1
I'm Not Horny, He's my brother1
I've Fallen And I Can't Get Off1
Immaculate Deception1
Indecent Proposal1
IO Watchin' You1
Itemized Seductions1
Ivy Licker1
JizzRcize 5 Guys1
John Cougar Melon Tramp1
Just Alex1
Just Alyssa1
Just Brittany1
Just Carl1
Just Chris1
Just Christina F1
Just Dan1
Just Daniel 1
Just Don1
Just Donald1
Just Donna Lee1
Just Dusty1
Just Elissa1
Just Eric1
Just Finnegan1
Just Gary1
Just Grady1
Just Ishu1
Just Janice1
Just Jeremy1
Just Jess1
Just Johnny1
Just Jolie1
Just Joseph1
Just Karl1
Just Kate1
Just Kathryn1
Just Kirsten1
Just Laurie1
Just Lynda1
Just Maggie1
Just Marcus1
Just Marisa1
Just Meesh1
Just Michael1
Just Mike1
Just Mo1
Just Molly1
Just Olga1
Just Pandora1
Just Pat1
Just Pavonka1
Just Rachelle1
Just Robert1
Just Sharif1
Just Stephen1
Just Tim1
Just Tori1
Just Tricia1
Just Wade1
Just Yuliya1
Kiel Bastard1
Kiss My Axiom1
Knee Deep Pussy High1
Knock Knock It's Daddy1
Late Cummer1
Late Nite Drive Thru1
Lazer Shit1
Leave It For Beaver1
Left It On For Length1
Little Big One1
Little DebuTwat1
M.I.C Och Shoots Blanks1
Mary Mary Cunt-So-Hairy1
Master Queef Petty Fucker1
Mattress, Queen of the jungle juice1
Meet the Parents1
Mellow Foreskin Cheese1
Mount Me Tender Mount Me Quickly1
My Ass Hurts1
Nasty When Wet1
Nasty Whisky Stick1
Nice Shoes Wanna F*ck1
Not A Real Cop [NARC]1
One Eye Willie1
Operation Tank Repo1
Oral Birth Control1
Parallel Porking1
Piece of Ass Ogre1
Plivates Plactice1
Poon Toupee1
Princess Jizzmine1
Pussy - It's What's For Dinner1
Read Between The Slime1
Red Foreskin1
Road Whore1
Rocky Whore1
Rough Put1
S. S. Minnow1
SerLan SaLittle1
Shit Or Get Off The Pot1
Side Show Boobs1
Sizzle Sack1
Smell my Fish1
Snap Crackle Poop1
Sour Snatch My Rubber Back1
Spinal Tap1
Sucks It Blue1
Taste the Rainblow1
Test Tube Baby1
Thanks, But I Can't Fit It In1
The Hebrew SlamHer1
Third Base Cooch1
Three Laws of Never Getting Laid1
Tony Panda1
Triple Nipple1
Uncoordinated Slippery Seaman Receptacle1
We Got a Bleeder1
Where's the Beef?1
Winter Wookie Bush1